Twitter Marketing

What is Twitter?

Twitter is an internet news and social networking service. Users post and interact with messages known as tweets. Those who have registered or have signed in the account can post the tweets rest of them can only view them. It has its headquarters in San Francisco, California and has more than 25 offices around the world. It is a private business and founded by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan Williams. Users access Twitter through its website interface, through SMS or mobile device app.

How do you use Twitter?

  • Go to the Twitter website, where you will see sign up on the homepage.
  • Enter your full name, email ID, and password. Click Sign Up for Twitter.
  • Twitter will suggest ‘username’ based on your name entered and you can choose from that list.
  • Enter a password that is not easily guessed like avoid phone number, birthdays and children name.
  • Enter your email id so that Twitter can send you the notification regarding the followers.
  • When you have finished entering the information, click Create my account.
  • If you know the Twitter user by name then you can the user by searching the name in the Search box.
  • You can also edit your profile if you have missed out something.
  • Any mentions, new followers or retweets will appear in the Twitter Notification section.

How is Twitter used for business?

  • Present your Brand

Twitter presence must have the same look and feel as other online tools. This helps people to identify your business and build trust. There must be different names for profile and for business. Also apply profile image for your business like: logo of your business.

  • Build a strong foundation

It is important to complete your profile. You should not miss three important things which include:

  • Location: – In this, you must post your location or the place where you want people to find you. You must mention your neighborhood or your community name.
  • Website: – You share a link to your website or blog as this is the way to let people know more about your business.
  • Bio: – This includes information about yourself like interests, hobbies, likes, and dislikes.
  • Start following people

When you start following someone you get to know about their tweets. You can follow a user find finding their profile and clicking the follow button. You can find people like your clients, business partners, vendors, competitors and many other.

  • Start Talking

Starting to talk on Twitter is different as compared to the social media apps. As there are 5 different type of messages:

  • Tweet- A message you send to your followers. This is the center point of communication.
  • Reply- A message you send out as a reply to a message that you have received. It is a public message which shows or mentions the name of the person.
  • Mention- You mention someone else’s username in your message.
  • Direct message- It is a message send directly and privately to another user.
  • Retweet- A message created by someone else that you share with your followers.
  • Talk Smarter

One must always talk smarter in order to attract an audience, so it includes what the audience wants to hear or what you want to promote your business. Some of them focus on how to convince the audience regarding the products.

  • Drive Traffic to your website and blog

Everyone wants to attract traffic to your website and blog. For this, you need to create a tweet surrounding a link that makes people learn more. There is a tool on Twitter that can shorten the link using URL shortened.

  • Connect your online visibility

There are 3 ways to do such a thing:-

  • Add your twitter account bio to social media account on your website or blog. Most of the tools used on other social media apps allow you to add your twitter account quickly and easily.
  • Add a timeline of your Twitter messages to your website and blog. Twitter provides widgets that allows us to share the tweet timeline on your website.
  • Make it easy for people to share your website and blog content on Twitter. Tweet allows your visitors to easily write a tweet about your content.
  • Share your photographs in your tweets

People love to see pictures so include pictures in your tweets. You can share photos either through Twitter app or website. Twitter adds the photo to your tweet and makes it available for everyone to see.

  • Organize your followers into conversation lists

As it becomes difficult to focus on information coming when we follow more people. You can create a list for customers, potential customers, professional organization, people who inspire you and people to whom you talk the most.

Twitter Terminology

  • Mention

– When someone puts your handle in a tweet.

  • Hashtag

– A word or series of letters followed by “#” symbol. They are used as a filling tone or for marketing purposes.

  • Tweetup

–  It is offline get together where people who know each other through Twitter meet in real life.

  • Twitter chat

– A specific time pre-decided that people log on Twitter to discuss a particular topic or subject using one hashtag.

  • Bio

– Short description about yourself or your business that is uploaded to your account.

  • Trending

– A group of words or phrases comes in the trending list because they are being tweeted frequently in a particular place.

  • Timeline

– also referred to as a Twitter feed. This is where tweets from accounts that you follow appear.

Top Twitter Marketing tools

If you have to manage less than 5 twitter profile then this is one of the free Twitter tools. Hootsuite Pro version helps you to manage limitless social profiles and also analyses the analytics of tweets but for this, you require $99 per month.

Buffer helps you to tweet in a smarter way as it lets you schedule and organize your tweets. It also helps you to analyze the performance of tweets to guide you to prefer what your audience wants.

This is one of the best tools for companies who search for a tool that helps to engage and analyze Twitter conversations about their respective brands. Enterprise version starts at $1500 per month that offers you distinct benefits such as workgroups, permissions, and advanced user roles.

It allows you to schedule and organize tweets, extend your profile and track your keywords. If you want an upgraded version you have to pay $29.97 per month. It also allows you to message new followers.

It makes your profile look smarter by scheduling your posts for visibility and optimum engagement. It includes features same as power post has.

It includes features similar to Hootsuite as it creates columns to organize Twitter activity and also allows to send long messages via URL shortener.

Type of Twitter Ads

  • Gallery card

These are similar to photo cards expect they have enough room for photos. This can also be used for giving a sneak preview of your gallery to your audience by providing a link and make them desperate to see what on the other side of that link.

  • Lead Generation Card

These help in gathering email addresses and assisting in creating a database for high-quality leads. This is a special card as it provides us the option if we want to provide the information or not and also they will keep it safe.

  • Player Card

This is the place for music, video and any other thing you want to share as a part of the Twitter campaign. This is the best card to show your creative side as it allows the users to watch, listen and click through video content.

  • Product Card

This is the way of online retailing to display their stock on Twitter. You must display your product with the help of a photo card and also must provide some description related to it or the key details of the product.

  • Summary Card

This allows you to sneak on the content you are linking. It includes a title, description, thumbnail image and many more. This is ideal for blog posts, articles and any other web page you really like.

Why Softtek for Twitter Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is done for gaining popularity as a profitable marketing tool. It also helps a company in brand awareness, cost-effectiveness, engagement, brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, marketplace insights and many more.

  • Softtek has a dedicated team of social media professionals

It has a dedicated and expert team which helps in social media marketing and also have great knowledge about the digital marketing.

  • Softtek has a lot of experience in managing ads and producing results

They have a great command on how to manage ads and also have positive results. It also provides coupons and also arranges campaigns.

  • Softtek is customer-centric

It means that Softtek looks after the demands of its customers and also works accordingly without causing any disappointment in them. It also looks after the needs of its customers.

  • Softtek produces eye friendly images and product friendly

It provides or makes post eye friendly images rather than distracting ones. It also makes the product friendly things and also enhances the quality of the product as well as the brand.

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