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Graphic Design is the process of visual communication and problem solving by the usage of photography and illustration. It combines and creates symbols, images and text to form visual representations of ideas and messages. Common graphic design includes: – corporate design (logos and brands), editorial design (magazines, newspapers and books), advertising, web design, communication design, and product packaging. It involves presentation and styling of existing text or pre-existing images with the help of graphic designer.


What goes in creating a great graphic design?

One could easily create a great design without having an art degree or without spending hours in practicing the designing. Some of the steps are as follows:-

Basic elements of a Design-


It is anything which is connected by two points. Lines do important functions like separating content and drawing your eye to a particular place. Different lines show different feelings like:

1) Horizontal Lines shows the feeling of stillness and stability

2) Vertical Lines represent energy.

3) Diagonal Lines represents restless, even in sense of motion.


When someone says shape one always think of a square, or triangle but these are geometric shapes other than these there are “organic shapes” also. Like in the case of Line; Shapes also have different feelings such as Geometric shapes represent the structure, control, and order, On the other hand, organic shapes are comforting and friendly. Abstract shapes communicate facts quickly.


According to research, it was found that 90% of people make their choices according to the colors. In this also, different colors show diff. feelings such as:-

1)  Warm colors (red, orange, yellow) shows passion, warmth, happiness, power, and energy.

2) Cool colors (blue, green, purple) shows calmer and more soothing.

3) Neutral colors (white, black, grey) these don’t show any feeling.


As one could not touch texture within a pc, but also it plays an important role in graphic designing because it can guide the user’s eye and emphasize the importance of key elements. It adds depth to design so one must be careful while mixing these textures.

Core Principles of Design-


One must always have a balance among the elements of a design which means the colors used, the texture applies must be in balance.


One can use contrast not only to highlight the differences but also can be used to make the design easy to catch in the eyes.


Like in case of music rhythm make a song good to listen in the same way design also requires rhythm by using a repeating number of blocks. Each block must be in equal shape but also repeat as well.


When we see white space between the designs it is considered as Space. It helps us to highlight the most important information, increase readability and create a sense of order and simplicity.

How to Quickly Create Effective Designs?

Choose a Background

It is the most important part of a design because it gets the more visual look than any other part of the design and also it tells the audience what to expect from the content.

Pick a tool

After the background is done its time to choose a design tool. These apps range between Pablo and Photoshop. The main focus is on web design rather than photography.

Font Type and Style

After background and text are final after that comes the font. One must choose font according to their purposes like a newspaper, email and many more. Instead of getting confused, one could use one font in the whole matter.

Need for Graphics Designing for Digital Marketing?

  • Digital marketing is one of the rapidly growing industries in India and it is mostly based on visuals and content.
  • For businesses, it is an effective as well as an ideal way of attracting customers and also spreading awareness regarding the content dealt in.
  • Due to the rapid growth of social media and also a dependency of customers on tweets, likes, texts, and messages.

Best Graphic Design Companies In Houston

Role of Graphics Designing in Business

Building a Brand Identity

Graphic Design is the important aspect of business if one wants to frame a brand image to stand out among its competitors and also make a visual identity. Every business has its own identity and strength that could convey the marketing message.

Help to create a Strong Impression

Visuals make a strong impact on customers as compared to written text. It also leaves an impact on the audience in the first instance. Product image could create a strong impact on others.

Graphic Design could tell a story

Customers can get a feel of what the brand says or what it conveys. Also, it helps us to know that how much many customers have liked our brand. It also creates an impression.

Maintain Consumer Trust

Consumers would be able to trust you if your brand could influence others and also attract the customers and also would create an illusion in the mind of the customers.

Graphic Design Services

Logo Design

It involves the designing of the logo, as a Logo is the main thing that catches the eyes of customers. One must create a logo which could relate to their brand or their business or their content.


The brochure is an information paper that can be considered as a template, pamphlet or leaflet. It can also be created with the help of graphic design as it also influences people.


These are the online books that are designed with the help of graphic design as it includes all the elements of design like color, shape, texture and many other.

Social media banner and ads

Banners and ads are also made with the help of graphic designing as it involves the balance or the mixture of images, text, and graphics.

Envelops and Letterheads

Letterheads are the papers that consist of name, address, logo or corporate design, these can be formed with the help of graphic designing.

Leaflets and Flyers

These are the papers that are used for the advertising of a particular brand or business or announcement of some event.

Why Softtek Solutions For Graphic Design?

  • Softtek Solutions provides the service of graphic designing as it helps in the making or formation of logos, e-books, social media ads, flyers, leaflets and many other. It could create these with the help of graphic design and also make them more attractive and useful for the customers.
  • It also allows their clients to make themselves satisfies with their work as they do the work according to the businesses of their clients and also make their brand popular.
  • Softtek also provides a brand story for its clients so that the clients could enhance their businesses with the help of logos, a brand name created by them.

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