Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM is an important component in this digital era because customers are the ones for whom all the efforts are put in. So, it is of great significance how you handle your clients. CRM helps to ensure that you have a good relationship with customers so that they don’t go anywhere but only ask for your products and services whenever required. It is a management field which takes into consideration the importance of the relationship that you have created with customer and how it will be nurtured.


CRM Processes


Account Management

This focuses on managing the account of the customers or the prospective customers who are willing to take up your products and services.

Contact Management

It is very important to handle the contact information because only then you can tell them what your company does by sending out emails, SMS, posting regular content in the social media circle etc.

Lead Management

It is another important aspect to convert the leads to warm leads and then hot leads for which you have to nurture your leads in a definitive way so that they come to you for their requirements.

Opportunity Management

You have to be very careful about when you will be provided with the opportunity. You have to grab the opportunity/ opportunities when they arrive and manage them in a way that they turn in your favor.

Territory Management

Territory management comes into play when you have to restrict yourself as well as the customer into your field, also you have to make sure that you don’t deviate from your field and work strictly into your territory. At the same time, you also ensure that your customer doesn’t go out to some other business/brand other than yours.

Quotation Management

It is of quite a much significance that you have to manage all the quotations provided to you by different companies and keep a track of them. Only then you can organize it and pick out the best quotation and give them the offer.

Order Management

Once the order has been placed by the customer, it becomes very important to keep a check on all the order, which one is of whom and how the work is being done.


Service Ticket/Request Management

You have to check for what the customer is actually requesting also if it is in your area of service, then it will be fulfilled, kept a record and managed.

In-house Repair

If some of your products become faulty after use, then they have to be sent back to you and get repaired by your technicians.

On-site service

This is a service provided to the customer where the product is actually being used. The technicians reach the location and the service is provided.

Resource Scheduling

Resource Scheduling refers to the optimum usage of the resource with respect to the urgency of need. It is scheduled at proper duration so that the resources are properly used.

Installed Base/Asset Management

It is very crucial to managing all the assets you possess. You have to keep track of the assets, their proper usage, and maintenance.

Service Level Agreement- SLA Management

You have to be very clear about the level of services you will be offering to your clients because that will determine their trust in you.         


Campaign Automation and Management

This is a necessary step in which the automation software will select the best campaign and run it all over. Then managing the campaign is equally important to keep a check on the efficacy of the campaign.

Customer Segmentation

You have to segregate the customers on the basis of their requirements. It is very important for organizing the types of services to be provided to which of the customers.

Lead Scoring and Nurturing

Once the leads are interested in your service, you have to nurture them to a level that they will believe in you and your brand so that they come to you for their requirements.

Social Media Campaigns and Marketing :

Campaigns in social media have proved to be very effective and marketing can be done on it by alluring the leads to come to your brand with attractive prizes and offers.

Marketing Automation

Automating the system of marketing will help you keep off the small repetitive process of marketing and keep you focused on more important aspects.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become an important part of marketing because you can target your audience online as most people are available to get information about products online.

Benefits of CRM

It is beneficial for the following:

  • Solopreneurs – Solopreneurs need to work single-handedly on their jobs. Hence, it is easy for them to manage their customers using CRM.
  • Small Businesses – Small businesses are beneficiaries of CRM in a way that on their level of business, there are more things to concentrate on, hence CRM helps in handling customers.
  • Medium level businesses– This business focus more on the expansion of their brand hence, CRM is helpful for them to handle the client side in a refined way.
  • Enterprises – For high-end enterprises, CRM is a must required because they have a number of clients. Handling all the clients at the same time shows the efficiency of CRM.

According to a study conducted by Forbes and given out in IBM

  • CRM Will Become a $40 Billion Industry in 2017.
  • A Software advice study from 2008 found that 88% of CRMs were operated as soon-premise systems and now fast-forward to the present day, and 87% of CRM systems are now cloud-powered.
  • Many of the 8.7 percent of companies that received ‘exceeds expectations’ ratings for the quality and quantity of the CRM application training they deliver.

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Popular CRM Software


  • Salesforce has effectively increased success rates.
  • It has different options for you to choose from.
  • It has an organized procedure to convert your leads.

Microsoft Dynamics

  • Manages contacts efficiently.
  • It helps in eliminating dormant lead.
  • It helps you create a good social media environment.


  • SAP CRM helps build good contact with the customer.
  • It manages the contents coherently.
  • It is portable.

Netsuite CRM

  • It handles the contacts in a smooth way.
  • Traces the activities of your customers.
  • customer interface is easy.

Hubspot CRM

  • Hubspot CRM helpful in both sales and marketing side CRM.
  • It is available for free.
  • It gives access to different tools for keeping your customers satisfied.

Oracle CRM

  • Oracle CRM is easy to use.
  • It is friendly with the customers.
  • It provides all kinds of help in usage.

Softtek Advantage – Digital Marketing & CRM under one roof

  • Our work in Softtek is providing digital marketing solutions and CRM under one roof so that you don’t have to go anywhere else.
  • We at Softtek believe that Digital Marketing and CRM go hand in hand and cannot be implemented and viewed separately. CRM Strategy has to be inline with digital marketing strategy.
  • Web to lead, Email to Lead, Social Media to Lead, Ecommerce to lead processes are a testimony of what we do. We work relentlessly towards converting your leads to clients.
  • The process of generating the lead from web, email, social media and e-commerce is digital marketing and then storing, managing, nurturing and Lead to Cash processes is taken care of CRM.
  • Nurturing, contacting and engaging the leads and customers is also driven through digital marketing. We work into driving the potential customers towards your business so that they will opt for your brand for their requirements.

CRM services offered by Softtek :

Sales Cloud Implementation

  • This is a place where you can find all the information related to the customers in one place.
  • As a result, you can apply all the strategy of sales at one place.

Service Cloud Implementation

  • It is a platform in which can provide services to the customer using all the tools online on the cloud.
  • Helps the customer resolve their problems right there.

Marketing Cloud Implementation

  • This is an implementation field in which the marketing strategies and campaigns are set online.
  • They are ready to go when it is the right time to hit the market with the campaign.

CRM Strategy & Road-mapping

  • It is a customer inclined approach for the business or company to run.
  • The customer is held in high priority here.
  • It helps in keeping a trace or track of the customers which will eventually lead to desired customer requirements and customer satisfaction.

Salesforce Data Migration

  • We at Softtek implement salesforce data migration which takes place only once.
  • It simply means transferring the data to salesforce software and then Salesforce takes care of your data.

Salesforce Reporting & Analytics

  • Once the data migrates to salesforce, creates a report of all the activities that occur from the client side.
  • It is then analyzed and this analysis report is brought under our consideration.

CRM Solution Evaluation

  • The solution is brought in case of any discrepancies or problems.
  • Then it is evaluated, whether the solution for the particular CRM problem will be practical or not.
  • Only after a proper evaluation, it can be implemented.

Core Services

Sales Cloud Implementation
Why Salesforce Sales Cloud? This is a leading cloud-based option for the key tasks of a CRM system.
Service Cloud Implementation
Thinking about Service Cloud Implementation? Wanting to improve the customer experience...
Marketing Cloud Implementation
We will help you find and implement the right technology to help you drive more revenue.
CRM Strategy & Roadmapping
It uses data analysis about customers history with a company to improve business relationships with customers.
Salesforce Data Migration
Our expertise in delivering data integration applications, makes Softtek a perfect partner to take your data migration headaches away.
Salesforce Reporting & Analytics
Salesforce offers a powerful suite of reporting tools that work together to help you understand and act on your data.
CRM Solution Evalution
Softtek can help you evaluate and decide the best CRM product based on your eco system.
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