Pay per Click

Provision made by distinct search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. In this advertiser pays for the number of clicks their advertisement makes. Keyword advertising is the same as here clicks are made by a user based on the keyword they have typed in the address bar. Available PPC in Google- Google Ads, Yahoo- Yahoo Gemini, Bing- Bing Ads


Google Ads:

• A provision in which Google renders its services in advertising.
• The advertiser pays Google for the number of clicks their advertisement makes for the business or the brand.

Google Keyword Planning :

Google Keyword Planner is a tool under Google Ads which Google provides to help you find a proper keyword and the competition associated with it.
• A page appears which provides the number of searches of that particular keyword in a month or year, what is the level of competition and the suggested bid on that keyword.

Keyword research :

• A very crucial step for segregating and also at the same time selecting the keywords which we need to put up in our advertisement so that the users open our advertisements.
• If your advertisement caters to the need of the user/customer, be it a long phrase( long tail keywords), the chances that the user will see your ad and then become a client is quite possible.

How does Pay Per Click advertising work?


• They are the basic elements of any ad which comes under ad groups.
• For instance, if we type in the keyword “cookies” on a search engine like Google, then we get the top ads related to cookies and then the search result for “cookies” keyword. This is the actual significance of a keyword.

Process of creating an ad on Google:

The constituents of ad making process are-
• Account
• Campaign
• Ad groups
• Keywords

Negative keyword

  • Ad text 
  • Budget
  • The account is the first necessity to initiate your advertisement service with either Google or Yahoo or Bing.
  • The campaign is the next thing that comes after the successful creation of the account.
  • The campaign is generally an advertisement campaign which the advertiser runs.
  • These campaigns comprise Ad groups.
  • A campaign consists of one or more than one ad groups in a sense that each ad group can act for a different kind of product or service under the same brand.
  • Ad text is a short and succinct yet attractive description of advertisement closely related to the keywords.
  • Budget is set at the campaign level which the business or brand can afford to spend on per day basis.
  • Google Display Network
    Brands display their ads on a widespread network of websites that Google provides access to, on their web pages as search results.

Ad Placement

Ad Placement is a distinct ad group of advertising units where the brand or business can show their ads by selecting a particular placement of their advertisement.

Keyword Rank

• If your keyword is placed in the order of higher bids in the auction, then it is supposed to be placed at higher rank when a search result appears
• The rank also depends upon the relevance of the content of the advertisement.

How will PPC advertising help your business?

The following are some facts and figures which will make you believe how PPC advertising can help in the growth of your brand.

• According to Forbes Google was making a $42 billion in revenue off of its advertising program by the year 2010.
• At least 96.4% of Google’s total revenue comes from digital and display paid advertisements as per a report in powertraffick
• The same report said that businesses make on average $3 in revenue for every $1.60 they spend on Ads. This means people have relied on Google for placing their ads successfully.
• 80% of search results now contain Google Ads ad placements.
 • The top 3 paid advertising spots get 46% of the clicks on the page

Houston Pay Per Click Services

How can be your PPC advertising campaign successful?

Keyword Relevance

• The keyword you are using for displaying your advertisement must be of a higher level of importance with respect to what you are displaying as an advertisement.

Landing Page Quality

• Once the users click on your ad, the quality of the page they jump into becomes the deciding factor whether or not the user wants to go for approaching your business after seeing the ad.

Quality Score

Quality Score of your advertisement depends on the above two factors, the relevance of keywords as well as the quality of your advertisement.

PPC Keyword Research

Best possible keywords on Google so that they appear in the search results with a proper solution to what the user/ customer is asking for.
You can find what are the most searched keywords on Google once you log in to Google

Ads using your Gmail account.

An effective PPC keyword list should be:

• Relevant
It should contain all the data that is succinct and should not contain any unnecessary details that the ad does not consist of.

• Exhaustive
It should be optimal or as exhaustive as possible so that a few words explain what exactly your business does.

• Expansive
It should clearly describe what your brand is actually marketing, your products and services in a lucid manner.

PPC Management tools:

Google Ads Editor

• This is Google’s specific tool designed for helping advertisers prepare for their campaign.
• The changes can also be done offline and can be implemented once you are back online
• It helps in making large changes in the advertisement.

Google Keyword Planner

• Google Keyword Planner is a tool under Google Ads which Google provides to help you find a proper keyword and the competition associated with it.

Bing Ads Editor

• This is Bing’s PPC tool that assists advertisers to construct their campaign.
• One advantage of Bing Ads editor is that it helps you show your advertisement on both Yahoo and Bing.

 Google Trends

• It is the mirror of PPC advertising
• It shows which search words or keywords are used maximum as compared to all other keywords searched on the internet


• It is a tool required for developing a landing page after the advertisement is seen and clicked on by the customer or user
• A landing page is very essential as it determines whether the investor will invest after seeing your landing page or not.
• Hence, this tool is helpful in building effective landing pages for higher revenue of your business


• Buzzsumo is actually a keyword research tool which also monitors the keywords put up by the advertiser
• Using this tool, you can find the most trending topics on the internet and then shape your advertisement accordingly
• You can also find out what all factors lead to these trending topics using this tool

 Word Stream Advisor

• This is a very powerful tool for the budding and growing business and brands.
• This is a tool which can help in magnifying the amount of success from effective advertising if properly worked on.

 Adwords Performance Grader

• AdWords Performance Grader is a tool developed by Google which assesses the PPC put up by a business or brand to show whether it is relevant enough for the users or not
• It shows if the PPC can be successful taking into account it’s ranking in the search result, the relevance of keywords and the quality of the landing page


• It is a trick tool which lets you sneak peek into your competitors’ keywords and strategy as suggested by the name itself
• It legally allows you to do so that you can avoid maximum errors which can occur likely if your advertisement shows up on websites and search results.


• It is a search engine marketing tool which lets you accelerate your digital marketing with the help of search engine optimization and PPC.
• It gives the advertiser quite a good amount of information on the most used keywords and other search engine optimization data related to those keywords which the advertiser is interested in.

How to Manage your PPC Campaigns?

 Add PPC Keywords

• This is an important component of managing your PPC Campaign
• It requires the addition of a relevant and optimal number of keywords in order to find the exact audience of your advertisement.

 Add Negative keywords

• negative keywords in your ad group disable your advertisement from displaying when a the negative keyword is typed in the search bar by users.
• Taking an example of negative keyword “sale” would stop your advertisement from displaying whenever the negative keyword “sale” is typed in the search bar by the user.

 Split Ad groups

• There can be more than one ad groups for a campaign
• An ad group can act for a different kind of product or service under the same brand.
• This makes the ad groups distinct in nature

 Review costly PPC Keywords

• Reviewing is necessary because we must check what we are investing in
• It is important because the return on investment should be worthy

 Refine Landing Pages

• Landing pages must consist of information that is relevant and are of good signs to the user so that he can affirm his faith on the advertiser by investing in it.

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