Digital marketing has been the trend of this era. And so have the advancements in the advertisement market too. The advertisement has been taken to the next level in recent years with the evolvement of Google Adwords. So what basically is this Google Adwords?  Basically, Google Adwords is an advertising company wherein it optimizes the advertisement part in the searched results, the one which you would be viewed first in the search engine results. 

It is an online advertising service which provides marketers a platform so as to advertise their products online in different sites and reach the customers instantly.

Well, how does this Adwords work?

There are many sites running their online websites successfully. So how does it differentiate between the millions of sites competing for their products to be advertised by this site?

Google Adwords distinguishes the ads on the basis of some categories in each type of ads.

In a broad sense, there are four types of ads, namely: Search Ads, Display Ads, Shopping Ads, Video Ads, and Universal App campaign.

1. Search Ads

Important factors accessed in these types of Ads are:

  • Targeting

    Listing in ads on the basis of your zip codes and geography is done.

  • Landing page experience and keyword relevance

    Google Adwords will check the landing of the external links on your website and whether they are genuine ones are not. And also keyword relevance is the prime point of discussion in this.

  • Bids and quality score

Bids are used in case of similar ads and landing pages, the higher bid will be preferred to the other ones. Quality score again depends on the above-mentioned factors again, so it’s like a cycle of all together.

2. Display Ads

Display Ads are the Ads which are displayed in the side columns of different websites. They appear in the sidelines. Here the ads are displayed on the basis of many factors like Keywords & placements:  

Keywords are the relevant terms within the content and the ones searched for. And placements are where or in which sites your advertisements land up or show up in various websites. For example, if your advertisement showcases some product relevant to tourism then it would be well placed in a website offering something related to tourism.

3. Remarketing

This is similar to the email-marketing advertising wherein you send your personalized products and keep them updated with your offers and additional incentives which your site would be offering. So keeping your visitors cum customers updated with your products and as well you must ensure that they are updated with their interests otherwise there may be a chance of your emails to end up in the spam folder.

4. Shopping Ads

This type of ads is mainly for the retailer’s best use. These ads boost a lot of traffic to the retailer’s website. The requirements for advertising in this category is to have an account with Google Merchant center and then also an account with Google Ad words and combine them together by linking. The products must be updated every 30 days to Google Merchant Centre so that their active presence is signified in this.

5. Video Ads

As the name suggests, the advertisements in which some short interval videos are shown so as to promote their product through the small slogans, similar to the ones on television. They are selected on the basis of better targeting, more reach, and as well as how measurable those ads are.

6. Universal App Campaign

Maintaining an app for your website is a must in this era and Google Adwords itself designs the formats of various ads customizing them to the app formats. This interesting feature is available with Google Adwords. It uses the texts and the various designs from your designed mobile app and customizes the advertisements in the required way.

So with this, I hope you have acquired some good information about how this Google Adwords works and what this is. I hope you extract its fruitful benefits by optimizing your page on this basis.

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