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Web development mainly refers to the tasks involved with developing websites for fetching information via the internet or intranet. It includes web design, web content development, client-side scripting and network configuration. It refers to the coding of websites that enables users to operate the websites. Also, It ranges from creating plain text pages to complex web-based applications.


Web development hierarchy is as Client-side coding then Server-side coding, and then Database technology. Web design involves many different skills and discipline in production and maintenance of websites. The areas involved are web graphic design, interface design, and authoring. It generally refers to as the design process relating to the front- end design of a website including writing mark up.

Difference between Web design and Web development

Web design refers to the important portion of the website and its usage, On the other hand, Web developers take a website design and make it functionally work.

  • Web designers start creating wireframes and then proceed to develop stage, On the other hand, Web developers take the design created and make the website functionally working.
  • They use Adobe Photoshop whereas Web developers use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and others.
  • Web designers use several basic design principles to achieve a pleasing layout for excellent experience whereas Web developers convert static layout into the dynamic website by using images and content sliders and links.

Principles of Web design :


In web design, there must always be a balance between the dark and the light colors. Each of them used in an equally balanced proportion give us an achieving layout of a website design.


In color theory, contrasting colors are placed opposite to one another of a color wheel so that we could easily get an idea of colors that should be used. Designers also use contrasting sizes, shapes, textures to draw the attention of viewers to a different section of a website.


Emphasis means focusing on a particular design or a particular section of a website. Some web designers use different shapes, colors, design to highlight the different sections of a website.


It means rhythm or repetition of something. It’s the most important web design principle as if we are consistent in designing the website or consistent in using a particular design then it would attract viewers.


It means the relationship between different parts of a website layout and composition of all. Like in the case of the human brain, all the activities are united to find out if the work is done or not.

Characteristics of a good website :


A website is always designed to meet a purpose i.e., solving problems. Example- Job seekers on job websites post their resumes and apply for a job. After applying for a job, the candidate or the employer could communicate with one another using number or mail-id.


A website must always be easy to use or handle so that it would help the users to get the information they are looking for. Websites must be user-friendly.

Relevant Content

The website must be content rich i.e., there must be enough content for the user to understand the particular thing or subject. Example: – A job website must not contain shopping details or a car website must not contain job details.


The website must be updated according to the current trends and the technologies. As the users always need the updated or the current information so that he would also be aware of the current trends.


The website must be optimized for different browsers, devices, search engines and users. If the website does not work on mobile data speed or the download takes so much time then the user would not visit the site again.


Any website must respond to any type of speed or device so that one could easily operate the website either on a pc or on Android.

Performance and Speed

The performance of the website also attracts a lot of users because it helps the users to browse for whatever information they are searching for. Websites must be speed optimized.


Websites must always be reliable which means if have applied for jobs, the website must send us the notification whether we are selected or not. If this does not happen then the users will not use the website again.


The website must always be able to support a number of visitors at a particular time because it shows its scale is efficient. The website must be easily maintained.


Websites must always be secure which means that the websites must not create any virus in the Android or in pc and also the passwords must be in encrypted form and not in letters or numbers. If any of these happens when the website is responsible for that.

Tools and technologies to build websites :


Yola helps us to build a basic website by selecting a template and filling with simple forms. We could attach or integrate our website with services like – Google maps, Paypal and Flickr by using photo editing. Yola is free but for extra features, we have to update to Yola silver by paying $100 per year.


Jimbo is a free version of a website builder. We have to update to enjoy the feature such as custom newsletters to keep in touch with your customers. For upgrading $5 per month must be paid and for using business features one must pay $15 per month.


It helps us in making a great looking website in minutes. As Adobe Photoshop is best for Pc, WIX is a same version of Adobe for Androids which a lot number of templates. For upgrading it you need to pay $5 to $16 per month.

Intuit Website

If you are not an expert in creating a whole layout of a website then this app is perfect for you, it helps you to choose different templates according to your need. For upgrading, $5 per month is paid after 30 days.

Google sites

Google site helps us to create private, team-based websites within the business organization tool. It also does announcements, document and task lists at one location allowing colleagues to work or access anywhere.

Importance of Web design and Development


  • Web Designing is important for business because one who starts the business cannot meet a million of persons at a particular time, so it helps the businessman to meet a lot of people at a time and also let them know what they are dealing in, what they are thinking, what they are doing to improve their business.
  • The website is the window to the business like as eye is the window to the soul and also it allows us to reach our goals.
  • As we humans are very lazy so we always want convenient things which the websites enable us to do by just clicking and getting to know the things which we want to know.
  • Websites also consist of the facilities that you are providing, why they are essential for others, how are these things different from your competitors.
  • Communicating with the visitors effectively and also interacting with them about our business.
  • Generation of quality websites also attract a lot of visitors and also branding your business is also essential.
  • Facility of e-commerce is very important as it provides more business or helps in expanding of business.

Softtek Web Design and Development Services :

Word press website and design

WordPress is a system and content management which is based on software PHP and MySQL. It’s mostly associated with blogging but it also supports web contents. It is used as a website management system and also it has become popular nowadays. It is one of most common feature used by Softtek Solution in Web Designing and Development.

E-commerce websites with woo-commerce

Woo-commerce is designed for small to large-scale online merchants who are using Word press. It came into existence in 2011. It is now the most popular E-commerce platform on the web that makes sure that you are in good company.

Websites on WIX

WIX is a software which is used for web development and it was established in an Israeli company. It uses HTML to create websites with drag and drop option. Users may also add E-commerce, online marketing and many other. Some examples of WIX websites are – Harrison Peclat, Animal music, Samsik, Olive ‘secret, Liam Rinat and many more.

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