Website Audit

A website is an assemblage of interconnected web pages containing information in the form of written content and multimedia. A website can be of different types like personal websites used to share personal views and opinions and write blogs and you can easily attract aficionados through it; a corporate website offering details about the company; an e-commerce website because as a business providing goods or services, you must have noticed the need of having a well-structured website and an online presence so that your prospects and leads can easily look out for your services, thus increasing your sales. Online presence these days has become just because we are living in the age of social media and mass communication; and a government website.

The need for a website

As a business providing goods or services, you must have noticed the need of having a well-structured website and an online presence so that your prospects and leads can easily look out for your services, thus increasing your sales. Online presence these days has become just because we are living in the age of social media and mass communication. All of us, at some point or the other, have discovered and realized the power of social media and the effects it spreads in a community and between communities, and it has become important to market your business online so that your business can grow immensely and immediately since most of your prospects will search you online.

Advantages of having a website

Increase brand awareness: 

since most of the people use more internet, marketing your business on it is a good idea. The more you advertise, the more easily you can get into the consciousness of the prospects.

It is cost effective:

creating a website is cheap and doesn't cost much thereby improving the marketing strategy as well as making it economical.

Increase in SEO ranking:

Search engine optimization is the technique of making a webpage or a website to increase its visibility on search engines in order to generate more clicks and traffic. It is also referred to as natural, organic or earned results.

Search Engine Optimisation differs from local search engine optimization in the sense that a business's online presence will be shown by the search engines if a user searches it by a local search for its products and services, whereas search engine optimization is more focused on national and international searches.

Search Engine Optimisation is the nucleus which determines how much the business will achieve growth and reliable customers in this era of internet and ever-changing world scenarios and technological advancements.

So the more you're able to advertise and market your business properly and get into the minds of the people, the more your business will be searched by the people, thus increasing your business's SEO ranking.

It helps in promoting growth: 

using the website in marketing makes it effortless for the people to find your business.

Importance of good online content: 

It is important to have a good online content about the business and its services on your website so that people can easily reach and get to know about it. True and attractive content helps in generating traffic which in turn leads to increase in sales.

The need for website development and audit-

Web designing and development is the process of designing a webpage or a website according to the needs of a company and developing it so that every aspect of the business or its subsidiaries can be included while giving a glimpse of the goods and services being provided by it.

It involves the application of certain business rules and the outline defined by the client so that a perfect website can be delivered without compromising upon its quality, and this can only happen if you have right designing and communication skills so that you can have the best knowledge of the company's desire and the market trends related to its niche and the audience's taste.

Designing and developing a website should be best left to the professionals so that you can get a highly structured and a smoothly running round the clock website so that your prospects and leads do not encounter any problem while searching for you or looking at your catalog. Having professionals by your side, you can easily tell them your requirements and sit back and relax while you get it delivered.

Your website should be attractive and the colour codes should be related to what services you provide so that it can enter into the psychology of the prospect that your business is established on the grounds of professionalism and is worth trusting upon, therefore you need professionals so that your website can accurately match to the mood of your business.

A website audit is defined as the investigation of the factors affecting the website's visibility in different search engines and its quality and analysis of those factors. It gives a complete and comprehensive perception of the website and its performance with acute precision and it is only for the purpose of marketing. It is like the health analysis of the website to make sure if everything is perfect and that it is visible on different search engines with higher ranking or not. It is done so that the weak areas can be worked on to improve the ranking of the website.

Some of the tools used to audit the website also recommends on how to improve the ranking with on-page and off-page SEO and also helps in recreating the META description, rectify the broken links, update the HTML coding if required, analyze the statistics, website speed and any error found in the working of the website. The main purpose of doing website audit is to improve the SEO ranking and work on the content marketing. A content audit is done to know whether the content published on the website is up-to-date and whether the content is following the market trends of its niche so that it can easily attract the attention of the prospects as well as leads.

There are different categories of website audit which are as follows:

Security Audit: 

it is done so that the security and health of the website can be checked and to make the website free from any virus or high-quality verticals.

Competitive Site Audit:  

as the name suggests, competitive site audit is done to make it more competitive and trendy and to detect, analyze and bridge all the gaps that are hindering the website and business promotion, and analyze the advantages and drawbacks of the competitors of the same niche.

Website Health Audit:  

website health audit is done to check the overall health and performance of the website and to find and to find any weak area.

Conversion Optimisation:  

is a system for increasing the percentage of visitors to a website that converts into customers or more generally, that is to increase the sales.

Red flag and recovery audit:  

this is done to detect any red flag or fault present in the website or to update it so that it comes in line with the new and updated algorithm.

All these categories form one audit. Each of this audit is important to be done so that the health of the website can be maintained and any fracture present can be corrected.
A website audit is needed to solve any META tag issue, improve the quality of backlinks, fill the gap between broken links, or if the site is loading slow, and it also helps in devising new marketing strategies for your business, rectify the HTML errors, provides keywords and attract traffic.

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