Content marketing

Content marketing is basically creating valuable content that has everything to do with your business and marketing the content effectively. This content can be anything. Any written post, videos, blogs, podcasts, memes, graphics, news content, online marketing mantras in the form of available pdf. It's like a more attractive way of approaching your customer by telling them your job in a sequential and narrative form. It can become a possible way of turning potential customers into clients.


What will help you believe that contents are truly working out for people on the internet?

• As per Statista Content marketing worldwide revenue in 2016 was fetched to be 28.1 bn USD
• The share of companies outsourcing content production in the U.S. in 2016 was 57%

 Types of content used by companies (according to edgemedia) :

• Articles and blogs- 83%
• E-newspapers- 78%
• Videos – 70%
• Podcasts- 26%
• Social media posts – 84%
• Infographics – 33%

Is digital Marketing possible without great Content?

Content is King in the Digital World-

• By offering valuable content in order to build the trust of the customer in what you, as a brand, are good at.
• The gist is to attract and retain clients by serving them well
• You have to deliver quality services in order to retain clients
• The content should not only be valuable enough to attract clients but also persuasive in a sense that they come back to you and ask for your service not just once but over and over again

Appropriate content is a Company’s USP

• This can effectively be a return on what all efforts and resources you are investing(ROI)
• The content marketing should serve your purpose
• For that, you should keep interacting with your clients once they hire you for service and be excited about the job you are pursuing
• Keep a check on how the work is being carried out
• Take regular feedbacks on it
• Work on your shortcomings

Usefulness of content in Social Media Marketing

• As per edgemedia 55% Customers prefer to know about your company through content.
• This means that more than half of your clients are getting to know about your business through your content online

Usefulness of Content in SEO

• Content plays a major role in Search engine optimization as it is the sole power of content with the help of SEO that can lead to an increase in the number of views of your content
• This will definitely turn the viewers of your advertisement into your customers

Usefulness of content in Email Marketing

Email marketing is a specific process of online marketing which depend on the availability of email ids of the customers or potential customers
• Only then, you can send them relevant information regarding your business and contact them
• It is useful in a sense that you can personalize the type of service you can offer to a particular customer and your services may differ from one customer to another

Usefulness of right Content on graphics

• Graphics play a crucial role in contents as they provide a visual treat to the eyes of the customer
• This leads to a better understanding of the content in an illustrative manner

Usefulness of content in B2B Marketing and Sales


• They provide knowledge in depth related to a particular service or product you are offering to your client


• It is a tool that helps you out to express your views on your business and your lead in that issue
• It is a page formed on a particular issue that is current and substantial in nature and provides your views on it

Content Marketing Agency in Houston, Softtek content creation services:

Blog writing

• We can help you create effective content for your blogs that can compel the potential clients to go for your brand.

Articles writing

• Article writing is equally important as it goes right under what is the smaller sections or the building blocks of the content on the internet

White Papers creation

• This is a way to instruct and gives all the information about your business in a way that helps them realize that your brand can help with your products and services
• Sending it out to clients will help them in a thorough understanding

Newsletter creation

• We will help you write what is the very new strategy you are following so that customers will get to know about it in form of a newsletter that comes up periodically
• It will spread awareness about your products and services

E-Books design and creation

• E-books have become an integral part of information nowadays
• We will help you create effective e-books in illustrative ways such that customers will extract the maximum out of it

Social Media Posts Design and creation

• Social media presence is another important aspect of DM
• It is very crucial for you to prove your online presence which needs posts
• We can help you build good posts regularly so that you stay in trend

SM promotion design and creation

• Promotions are equally important for your brand and business
• These promotions are necessary to tell people online how successful you are as a business/ brand
• We can help you create lucrative promotional posts that can mark its presence in this highly competitive environment

Logo Design

• Logo design embarks on the uniqueness of your brand
• We can help you create distinct logos that can help in publicity and brand consciousness

Email Signature design

• Email Signature is a sign of authenticity nowadays
• We help you create approachable email signatures so that it becomes easy for your clients to contact you

Ad copywriting for SM and Search Engine advertising

• Ad copywriting is of paramount importance when it comes to the perspective of advertising
• We can help you build relevant and catchy ad copy so that viewers at least give a view and then think about hiring you
• Search Engine advertising too is vital for your digital image online
• We help to stay at the top places in search results so that clients don’t go anywhere beyond you

Content for Video blogs

• Videos become a visual luxury for your clients that help in better understanding of your brand
• We help you create extravagant videos online that caters to the need of your clients

Brochure design and development services

• The brochure is the face of your company
• It contains everything about you, your company, your products and services, your achievements, your contact details and your success story
• We help you design the apt brochure for your company that acts as the pursuing factor to take up you as their service provider

Website Landing page content creation services

• Website Landing Page is the next important thing after your ad shows up and is clicked by a potential client
• It becomes the deciding factor whether the client goes for your services or not
• We help you create to-the-point Website landing pages which the customers feel is what they were looking for is right in front of them.

Content Marketing In Houston


Softtek’s Content Marketing Services in Houston

Blog Marketing

• We help you gather readers for your blog in order to spread a word about you

Ebook and Whitepaper download promotion through website landing pages

• The landing pages speak a lot about you as a company. So, we help you prepare them effectively

Book Marketing on Amazon and Websites

• Your books on Amazon and other online shopping sites can gain publicity through the marketing strategy we incorporate as our service

Newsletter Marketing services

• We will help you write a newsletter that comes up periodically
• It will spread awareness amidst the customers about your products and services

Visual Content Marketing

• Images, Posts, Infographics, Vector images, Logos constitute an important element in your clients’ understanding of your services
• This will help you give them a better illustrative understanding of your services

 Softtek’s content management Approach – How to do it right?

Main elements of SEO Softtek approach are as follows:

Content Management

Content Development

Research topics

• We check for research topics which become the guiding factors of your content

Keyword Research for topics

• For your content to be appearing on the top-notch places of search results, we do thorough keyword research and then implement them in your content

Assignment of Topics to the Content Writers based on Keywords

• After the appropriate research topics are identified, they are sent to good content writers who can bring about the maximum efficacy of your services in words

Guidelines are given to the Content Writer for a high-quality score

• The guidelines we provide our content writers are strict and ensure good-quality service from them. So your content goes safely with us.

Content Filtration:

Our In-house SEO and Content Management Team scrutinize the fresh content. The multistep filtration process is used as a part of this process. The final step is to publish the approved content. The content multistep filtration process consists of some basic requirements:

Grammar Check

• We check the grammar of the content before it goes out online as it is an important part of your understanding

Content Duplication Check

• We let the content go through high-end plagiarism tools and algorithms which check the authenticity of the content

Keyword Density

• The keywords used in the content must be just appropriate for the customers to find you online
• We help you eliminate all the unnecessary keywords so that your customers focus on what is just required

Coverage Check

• We help your customers find you from whichever possible aspect by checking and incorporating complete coverage

Content Proofreading

• All the errors are once again pointed out and corrected so that what goes online is flawless

We evaluate the content using tools like SEO Toolset and MOZ. The content with approved readability score gets published.
We provide the best of our services so that you can keep up a good work with your clients. The aforementioned are all the best kind of services we offer, so, you can easily contact us through our website and find us everywhere on both online and offline platforms. You can reach out to us for whichever service packages you wish for and we assist you in giving our full-fledged commitment and hard work.

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