Digital marketing has been the trend these days. And so have been the advancements in this field. The ever-changing virtual population is their audience and so are its ways too. So here I am back to give you an insight into this online display advertising. We will be discussing what this display advertising and how is it related to this digital market. Let us start with the primitive thing to be discussed i.e. what is this display advertising? Well, it is nothing but traditional advertising done in an online way. Yeah, it is like advertising the commercial ads screened on the televisions tuned in a better way by using some contents, animations, and may not be the same video advertisements but are visually interpretable advertisements. So after having a brief idea of what this display advertising, let us get further into our discussion. This advertising is also called by the name banner advertising.

So, how do the advertisers know whom to target in this big lot of virtual audience? Well, this is how they sort out….. The advertisers collect information from various websites as to what the virtual world is using when looking for their required things and then chooses some specific websites where they can feature the ads which showcase your product. Also, some of these advertisers use cookies on your site so as to track the rough location of the user and some other things so as to personalize their journey on your site and place your advertisements on some right websites on the basis of their records collected from these cookies.

Also, these cookies can track whether the user left the page without meeting the marketer’s motto of advertising and whether he/she has visited it once and left it or any such similar issues. So everything is fine working out with this display advertising right?! But how would one measure the success achieved through this kind of advertising? So there are some metrics which I will be discussing. These are Reach, Click-through-rate, Bounce rates, Conversion rates and Return on investment (ROI).

As well, at the same time, there are many ways one can run their display advertising campaigns and the diverse which Softtek  Solutions Digital Marketing agency provides are:

Email-marketing: The traditional way of targeting your clients and sending them emails advertising your product. This has been a perennial way as email is the one which is checked regularly and as well the only means which almost every individual in this online market holds. So it is a way in which many opt for.

Roadblock advertisements: These are the kind of advertisements which cover the whole page. It may annoy the users sometimes but stats have shown this way as a good and successful one.

Retargeting ads: It shows who have just explored your sites and have become your prospects. If it is done properly, your conversion rates may be increased to almost fifty percent.

So after understanding the types of advertisements briefly, let’s see how the success of these campaigns can be measured.

As stated before:

Reach: It is referred to the number of potential visitors your advertisement can reach. Basically, this will be represented by the number of visitors that visit the advertisement network you are planning to use.

1. Click-through-rate

Typically it is the probability of a visitor to your site clicking your online initiative. It is set as a marketing approach so that the marketer can gauge the performance of the ad campaign.

2. Bounce Rate

It is the number of people who visit a single page of your site and leave i.e. the people who haven’t explored your website even a bit. So when a person bounces on your website, it means that either that person has been enticed to visit the website through the advertisement or he/she couldn’t find the advertisement was actually showcasing or the most probable reason is that the site hasn’t been landed properly or is having some issues. There may be another reason that the customer might not have found out what he/she was looking for.

3. Conversion Rate

This conversion rate generally tells about the percentage of people who have met the expectations of the marketer through this campaign. So if a visitor either buys the company’s product or registers for a newsletter or in some way fulfills the motto set up by the marketer, it contributes to the increase of this CVR.

4. Return on investment (ROI)

Return on investment is well known to everyone but still, for first timers, this term means the net returns one gain over this campaign. That is for a simple and quick understanding, here is an example for you. If you have spent Rs 20,00,000 on the online advertising campaigns and for supposing your sales have improvised and have increased to Rs 40,00,000 then it implies that for your single rupee spent you have a return of Rs 2. So it is nothing but the simple profit percentage but many factors influence this ROI.

We at Softtek solutions, provide you with some analytics through which you can shape your advertising campaign like daily performance results, evaluation of search actions, and testing, contextual strategies and auditing process.

So I hope I could explain to you what this display advertising in a shorter period of time and have well equipped you with some good knowledge.  All the best!

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