YouTube Marketing

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a video-sharing website based out of America and it allows us to upload, view, rate, share, add, report, comment and subscribe to the users. It has its headquarters in San Bruno city of California State, USA. It was created by 3 PayPal employees- Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim and Steve Chen in Feb 2005.

YouTube includes TV shows, video clips, music videos, short films, live videos, music trailers and educational videos and hence, it can be a great platform for those who believe in practical learning rather than theoretical learning. This can also be a great platform for those who want to attract more and more audience for the enhancement of their business.

How does YouTube work?

YouTube Videos

It is a simple way for people to store videos online and share them with others. These videos cover any topic one wants to see. This also allows its users to upload their opinions in the form of videos.

YouTube Analytics

It is a self-serving analytics and reporting tool. This includes the views on the video, from where the people found the videos, from where they are coming from and what type pod people are watching it.

YouTube Channels

YouTube channels can be created to collect all the videos uploaded by you. Channel also includes the information about our business and also a link to our website. It also includes the videos watched by us, liked by us and playlist created by us.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube allows the businesses to promote their videos to people who are interested in watching them. Advertisers pay each time someone views your video. You can also choose where you want your ad to appear, how much you want to be paid and in which format you want your ad

How is YouTube used for Business?

  • Brand Awareness

Many advertisers often use YouTube for advertising their brand to create awareness. It's chain effort that makes the brand famous. A single video is not enough to make people know about your brand but it requires a lot of efforts and also a lot of videos and contests must be held.

  • Advertising Products

If you are under advertising products then you fall under this type. It requires a lot of videos and also people get more entertained and focused while watching them. So it is the best way to advertise on YouTube.

  • Retail Promotion

Many brands YouTube as a platform for promoting their retail stores. Daily advertisement of the product or the store makes the viewers bore so, posting weekly stuff can help.

  • Sales

Using YouTube for sales of products and services is a brilliant idea. All we need is to stop the product in action and make a clip of the product and post it.

  • Product/Customer Support

YouTube helps a lot of companies who are associated with the support services provided to the customers. By posting videos about your business you can make people aware of your work.

  • Training Purpose

YouTube also proves a great help for learners as well as for the trainees and the people willing to improve their knowledge. Using informative videos on YouTube is gaining popularity.

Type of YouTube Videos

  • How To Videos

In these videos, one can learn how to do a specific task. These types of videos gain lots and lot of views as people watch these type of videos over and over.

  • Vlogs

Vlogs of Video Blogs capture the everyday thoughts, feelings of you tuber. These are much like TV shows and they also attract lots of people to watch their favorite youtube daily events.

  • Gaming Videos

These videos include walkthroughs, Let’s Play, reviews of new games and gaming products. These are mostly watched by game lovers.

  • Educational Videos

These videos provide the audience with thought-provoking, entertain and knowledge videos. These videos mainly focus on college and school children.

  • Prank Videos

They include pranks played by social media influencers on their friends or on other people for capturing practical jokes and social experiments.

  • Q/A Videos

    These videos allow viewers to ask questions to YouTube stars regarding their lifestyle, interest, hobbies and many more.

Type of Ads

  • True View Ads

These are also called “skippable ads” and it’s one of the best ways of driving brand engagement on YouTube. You can skip these ads after 5 seconds so it is the safest bet for ads as you only pay these ads if the viewer watches these ads for 30 seconds.

  • Longer Ads

These are also known as “non-skippable video ads”. These do repay for CPM basis. These types of ads have a duration of 15 to 20 seconds.

  • Bumper Ads

These ads last for 6 seconds maximum. Like longer ads, these are also paid for a CPM basis.

  • Overlay Ads

These are the banner advertisement that we all see running along the end of the videos. These are simple text ads.

  • Display Ads

They appear on top of the video suggestion list. These can easily be managed by within Ad words allowing us to double the effect of the Display Network for highest possible reach.

Type of Ads Format

  • Display Ads

These display ads primarily get displayed next to other videos and experts suggest restricting network of these ads to YouTube search. This makes sure that advertising reaches the viewers who are in reality looking for keywords.

  • In Video Ads

These appear at the bottom of the videos that are streamed on YouTube. These ads appear within the initial 15 seconds of the video being streamed and can be easily skipped by the viewers.

  • Unskippable Ads

These ads are also much like in video ads. These cannot be skipped by the viewers and they appear for 15 seconds or longer. So the viewers need to watch the whole in order to watch the complete video.

  • True View Ads

These ads can easily be skipped by the viewers but after 5 seconds so if the viewers don’t want to watch the ad can click the skip button.

  • Masthead Forma

These are offered by YouTube ads for brand promotion. These ads are similar to the card but the only difference is that they are focused on businesses with large budgets. These ads are expensive and also appear on the homepage of YouTube.

Why Softtek for YouTube Marketing?

  • Softtek Solutions is a full stack digital marketing agency

Social Media Marketing is done for gaining popularity as a profitable marketing tool. It also helps a company in brand awareness, cost-effectiveness, engagement, brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, marketplace insights and many more.

  • Softtek, best digital marketing agency in Houston, dedicated team of social media professionals

It has a dedicated and expert team which helps in social media marketing and also has great knowledge about the digital marketing.

  • A lot of experience in managing ads and producing results

They have a great command on how to manage ads and also have positive results. It also provides coupons and also arranges campaigns.

  • Customer-centric

It means that Softtek looks after the demands of its customers and also works accordingly without causing any disappointment in them. It also looks after the needs of its customers.

  • Produces eye friendly videos and product friendly

    It provides or makes post eye friendly videos rather than distracting ones. It also makes the product friendly things and also enhances the quality of the product as well as the brand.

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