LinkedIn Marketing

What is LinkedIn?

  • It is a website and a mobile based application which concentrates more on business and employment-based services.
  • It is slightly different from social networking in a sense that it creates a network of people currently working or are professionals in a field
  • LinkedIn is a platform which helps you build a profile and have “connections” which represent an online professional relationship with people

Getting Started with LinkedIn

  • The LinkedIn app can be easily downloaded from Play store in android and AppStore in IOS platform mobile phones
  • Next step will be logging in or signing up for Instagram
  • If you already have an account with Google or Facebook, you can directly sync it with Google account and you are ready to go
  • Your LinkedIn account is created. Now you can connect to the professional world by just a click.

LinkedIn- B2B Marketing and Sales tool

  • You have a lot of tools for social media marketing but LinkedIn is the ultimate one where you want to grow your business
  • Our main aim is to increase leads, traffic, and sales
  • But there’s a different approach for LinkedIn
  • You need to create a compelling profile of yours on LinkedIn, add advanced applications
  • You have to give complete information on how your business helps people, who are the target audience and how you work
  • Share your story with the audience so that they know maximum about you
  • Don’t just concentrate on people you already know which are your private contacts but also branch out to other people around you, people in the same business, other people in different industries, people in the local market thus making a diverse connection
  • The more you connect find different people, the more the opportunities will expand
  • Always endorse your brand and recommend to other people
  • You can be popular amidst others if you endorse yourself, then only people will connect
  • Be polite to other businessmen and entrepreneurs on LinkedIn so that people can see their efforts and in turn also search for you and might become leads
  • Create your own targeted LinkedIn group
  • It helps you have a good influence in your industry, your connection will tell you how good you are doing your job, only then you can get help from other entrepreneurs if you socialize with them
  • You should send messages to your groups, hence creating more traffic, more leads and subsequently more sales
  • Optimize your profile for search rankings
  • Do a good keyword research and add specific keywords to your profile that have good keyword rankings so that people get to find what they want in your profile
  • This will help your profile move up in the rankings
  • Grow a stronger network

Facts and figures about LinkedIn marketing

As cited in the given source, here are some stats about LinkedIn marketing

  • Increasingly, B2B buyers are looking to LinkedIn for the content they need to move forward in their journey. More than half of them—57%, to be exact—are on a mobile device.
  • there are 9 billion content impressions in LinkedIn feeds every week.
  • 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn, and 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content.

How to create a LinkedIn company page?

This is how tells you to create your company page

  • Click the Work icon in the top right corner of your LinkedIn homepage.
  • Click Create a Company Page.
  • Enter your Company Name and choose a URL. All Company Page URLs will be structured as com/company/your company name.
    -While the name of your Company Page doesn't need to be unique, the public URL for your page cannot be the same as one that exists on LinkedIn.
    -LinkedIn members and search engines will use this unique URL to find your page.
    Please review the Company Page URL requirements below.
  • Check the verification box to confirm you have the right to act on behalf of that company in the creation of the page.
  • Click the Create page
    -If you don't have a confirmed email address associated with your LinkedIn account, you'll be prompted to add and verify your email address.
    -A red error message may appear if your LinkedIn account has recently been created or you don’t have enough connections.
  • Click Get started on the welcome screen to begin editing your Company Page.

Advertising on LinkedIn

Ads in LinkedIn

  • Your profile must have a strength of “Intermediate” or “All-star”
  • You must have a Showcase page of your Company which shows all kinds of products and services you deal with
  • This helps your audience to know what exactly they want
  • It asks the audience as to what products and service they want to receive notifications in.

Creating showcase page

  • Select the type of product or service which needs to be showcased
  • Move to the Edit menu on your company page and select the Create a Showcase Page option
  • Now you can showcase your products

Self-Serve ads on LinkedIn

  • LinkedIn has a special feature called self- service solutions which helps you to create your advertisements giving in your criteria
  • You can set your budget
  • You can select clicks or impressions for which you want to pay
  • You can easily cease your ads from showing by using Campaign Manager
  • It gives you the liberty to add images files, video or ad copy.
  • For an ad copy, you can have an image file with it which must be having a maximum size of 50X50 pixels, which usually consists of products images or company’s logo
  • The text in ad copy headline can have 25 characters
  • The body can have 75 characters
  • Sponsored Content on LinkedIn is placed in the middle of the news feed
  • So, it is regarded as a good investment because people view it properly

Ad formats in LinkedIn

  • Sponsored Content
  • Sponsored InMail
  • Text Ads
  • Dynamic Ads

Sponsored Content

 Types of display of Advertisements on sponsored content in LinkedIn

  • The medium rectangle is of 300X250 pixels
  • The wide skyscraper is of 160X600 pixels
  • Text link- It cannot have image files and is usually used for displaying others regarding the company in succinct words
  • Leaderboard- 728X90 pixels

Sponsored InMail

  • This is a feature doled out by LinkedIn to help advertisers reach out in a personal circle of the target audience by sending them emails
  • It uses LinkedIn segmenting feature to select the type and demographics of the audience
  • It provides an extra mile to the advertisers to connect to the leads and then a get conversion depending on the response getting from the leads
  • It makes sure that your email reaches out to the people
  • A negative point in this is that each LinkedIn user will be able to receive only one InMail in a span of 60 days

Text Ads

  • Text Ads are uncomplicated but are reliable PPC (Pay- per Click) and CPM (Cost per Impression) advertisements
  • You can simply create text ads and shoot a campaign in a short time
  • It gives you the freedom only for the ads that are working under PPC or CPM

Dynamic Ads

  • It is a simpler way of advertising
  • It helps you collaborate with LinkedIn to create effective advertisements
  • These ads ensure high visibility audience and the audience is targeted too

Why Softtek for LinkedIn Marketing?

  • Softtek Solutions is a full-fledged digital marketing agency in Houston- At Softtek, we help you with all kinds of solutions related to digital marketing.
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  • Softtek has a lot of experience in managing ads and producing results- We, as a company have reached a stage where we have enough experience with the digital marketing solutions that we can face all kinds of challenges.
  • Softtek will produce contextually relevant and eye-friendly images which will be brand and product friendly- We support highly user-friendly images as an advertisement which is essential for the target audience.
  • Softtek team will report the progress of the ad campaign regularly– We give time to time updates regarding the ad campaigns so that you stay informed about your campaigns.
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