Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a social networking website which is different from other social networking websites in a sense that it allows specifically to take, edit and share photos and videos on its platform. It is owned by FacebookA subsidiary messaging service available on it too. It not only helps you share your videos with your friends and other followers but also keeps you updated with celebrities, politicians etc.


How do you use the Instagram app?

• The Instagram app can be easily downloaded from Play store in android and AppStore in IOS platform mobile phones.
• Next step will be logging in or signing up.
• If you already have an account with Google or Facebook, you can directly sync it with Instagram and you are ready to go.
• Your Instagram account is created. Now you can share your pictures and videos. Let people follow you and follow some people too.
• You can keep your account public or private to choose who can see your posts.

Tips for using Instagram for Business

Instagram can be highly targeted visual advertising channel. Here are some tips which you can use to increase your popularity:

• It is very essential to be creative because there’s huge competition running and you have to stand out.
• Make effective use of hashtags as they are the places where people look for what content they want to view.
• Use most relevant hashtags to target the proper audience. Tools like IconoSquare and Webstagram can help you with your hashtags.
• Go with diverse hashtags for your brands and products as these are the keywords for generating leads but restrict to 30 hashtags which are the limit.
• Use the most popular hashtags on Instagram doing a good keyword research.
• Make the most out of it by organizing the already done keyword research.
• You can target your competitor’s followers by creating some good familiarity with their account and following the followers.
• Instagram stories are another great methods for making yourself accessible to the audience.
• You can do collaborations with people with heavy followings.
• Sponsored posts and product reviews. This isn’t one of the free platforms but is quite effective in running campaigns.
• Try finding people with a good amount of followers and ask them to review your product and service by sponsoring them.
• Have an element of surprise and excite the audience with offers.

Facts and figures about Instagram as derived from  :

• The app now has 1 million active advertisers, up from 500,000 in September, with plans to offer them more data and flexibility
• Now 80 percent of Instagram users are outside the U.S.
• Instagram Stories reached 200 million daily active users earlier this month.
This reveals how viral you can make your company on Instagram and run your business if dealt effectively.

How to post on the Instagram business page?

• It is of utmost importance to create a Facebook business account by going to
• Then click on the Create Account button.
• Type in the name of your business, select the primary page and give in your name and official email address.
• Fill in the text fields.
• Then add people to the Business Manager.

Next step is linking your Instagram account to your Facebook profile:

• Navigate to your Business Manager.
• Towards the left side of the page, select Business Settings > Instagram Accounts.
• Click on Claim New Instagram Account.
• Type in your username and password, then click Next.
• Authorize all your accounts on Instagram by clicking on the checkboxes beside each and Save Changes.

Advertising on Instagram

Types of Instagram ads

Photo ads– includes pictures.
Video ads– includes videos.
Carousel ads– includes more than one media type.
Stories ads– includes photos and videos that last for 24 hours.
Canvas story ads– enables complete screen usage for ads.

Instagram ad formats

As cited by the, here are some formats

Image feed ads:

1. File type: jpg or png.
2. Maximum file size: 30MB.
3. Minimum Image Width: 600 pixels.
4. Image Ratio: 4:5 minimum, 16:9 maximum.
5. Text length: 2,200 maximum (*although Instagram recommends staying below 90 for optimal delivery).
6. Hashtag Number: 30 maximum (*you can add additional in the comments).

 Image story ads:

1. Image Ratio: 9:16 recommended
 2. Minimum Image Width: 600 pixels

 Video feed ads

1. Video Resolution: 1080 x 1080 pixels (at least).
2. Maximum file size: 4GB.
3. Ratio: 4:5 minimum,16:9 maximum.
4. Duration: 60 seconds maximum.
5. Captions: optional.
6. Image Ratio: 4:5 minimum, 16:9 maximum.
7. Text length: 125 characters maximum recommended.
8. Hashtag Number: 30 maximum (*you can add additional in the comments).

 Video story ads

1. Resolution: 1080 x 1920 pixels (at least).
2. Maximum file size: 4GB.
3. Ratio: 9:16 maximum.
4. Duration: 15 seconds maximum.
5. Captions: not available.

 Carousel feed ads

1. File type: jpg or png.
2. Maximum file size: 30MB.
3. Minimum Image Width: 600 pixels.
4. Image Ratio: 4:5 minimum, 16:9 maximum.
5. Text length: 2,200 maximum (*although Instagram recommends staying below 90 for optimal delivery).
6. Video Duration: 60 seconds maximum.
7. Hashtag Number: 30 maximum (*you can add additional in the comments).

 Canvas story ads

1. Minimum Image Width: 400 pixels.
2. Minimum Image Height: 150 pixels.

How to create ads

There are two methods to create Instagram ads on Facebook Ads Manager:

Guided Creation

• It is mainly for the newbies or beginners.
• It helps you in walking through and attending step-by-step in the creation of the successful ad.

Quick Creation

• If you are a pro at creation of ads, then you can use this.
• It permits you to create your ad elements without guidance.

How to run an ad on Instagram

• To run an advertisement all you need is to click on the Promote option just below the post you want to advertise.
• Subsequently, log in to your Facebook Business profile.
• Select your goal afterward.
• You can also select call to action buttons like Sign up, Shop now etc.
• Instagram has its default audience but you have the liberty to target your audience by filtering out interests, country, and location.
• Select your budget thereafter and choose the duration of the ad.
• Click on Create Promotion.

Instagram ad analytics

The analytics of Instagram is based on the following metrics:

Profile visits- You can find how many times your profile has been visited in the last week.
Taps – you can check the number of taps got by your profile in last week.
Website clicks- you can find the number of website clicks from your profile.
Get directions- you can check for the number of phone calls placed through your profile visited by leads.

Types of Instagram Contests

• Giveaways
• Selfie contest
• Photo challenge
• Video challenge
• Reposts
• Tagging challenge

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